Monday, March 26, 2012


I have always been fascinated with the Barley Twist on turned wood. My parents had two candle sticks similar to these although theirs have a metal foot, they were given as presents either for their engagement or wedding can never remember which. I still have one of these.

I was taught one method of producing these at school by Mr Woods, yes that was his name my highschool woodwork teacher. He had come into teaching during the teacher shortage created by the Vietnam war, he was a towering 6'4" but a tradesman and had been a production turner at some stage.

Years on David Laird from the OTGA taught Sue another method and its this I am using to produce a column for the 3 teir stand. This involves the same layout method in the link above but using Micro-planes to form the Barley twist. This is a 4 start twist.

More Rosewood from
 Boutique Timbers

Edited 30th March as an update.

2nd tier column hand shaped and a sanding 
sealer applied. Bottom and larger Barley Twist in the process of shaping. 

Bottom is larger diameter and larger flutes.

Kiama a Yearly Event

For a few years now Sue and I have made a trip down to Kiama Woodshow hosted by the Kiama Woodcraft Group. An excellent day out meeting up with freinds and browesing over the high standard works of the group. Of course there is always tempation in the guise of Boutique Timebers, Traditional Tools Group John Hannrahan and Jim Davey with his top quality sharpening and plane restoration. The morning start from home was a bit chilli 14C with an Antratic wind blowing, but soon the day warmed to a nice 26C. The local Growers market was also on this weekend making the walk along to the harbour more interesting. Lunch of Fish N Chips down at the old Co-Op with some good friends.

 display of wood.

 Kiama Woodcraft Group

Traditional Tools Group

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Triology Album or is that Tray-ology

Last platter 18" x 10mm thick in centre section.

I had mounted the blank on to a ply wood face plate glued with PVA to turn the bottom underside and create the tenon mount a coat of Danish Oil.
Reverse mounted roughed down

This is the largest I have turned to date all went well not even a dig in.

Now onto the supports and finial etc.

Mondy March 26th an update of photo's.

First photo is the 14" and 18" together, the other two photos are the 18" showing the grain/pattern. The centre holes yet to be drilled to size when I have completed the supports which I am making at the moment. 

A Shawl long time coming.


The shawl was almost 3 years in the making and is to be raffled/auctioned off at the 35th anniversary celebrations for the Fairfield Spinners, Weavers and Dyers in raising funds for their guild. The Anniversary will be held at the historic Westacott Cottage Canley Vale opposite Canley Vale Station on August 18th and 19th 2012.
  Joan Fisher purchased some Optim fibre which is a Super Fine Merino actually decreased in micron size. Joan offered to the guild to be made into a shawl by me. It took quite a while to locate a pattern that would do it justice. In the mean time I hand spun about 50 grams of fibre. Ending up with about 700m of fine two ply yarn.

Approximatley 200cmx95cm and about 1000 white seed beads.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Platters That Matter 2nd Album

Carrying on from Platters That Matter , I have turned the 14" platter which is to be the middle of the set. This piece of Rosewood after it was cut into a round had a mind of its own. It wanted to change shape constantly due to either stress relief or the humidty and rain we were having. After some threats to make it into pen blanks it decided to settle down and behave itself. 

Forming the tenon and inistial shaping the underside then top the centre rised section is where column will sit. Each platter has been designed for a specific use, this one has a raised edge.

  Again Dansih Oil two for the 18" "Mr Baseman"

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Any Old Iron

These two Steptoe & Son, Any Old Iron remind me of my dad Ralph Sanderson, no he wasn't a scrounger or horder.
Dad used to say "Ones mans rubbish is anothers gold or treasure" He is right some see rubbish others see a use for such.

Today at the Traditional Tools Group sale at Asquith I picked up a box of bits n pieces off an Electro magnifier for a fair price. As soon as I saw it I thought yeh right like he'll want $$$ for that lot. I could see a purpose for it in Ornamental Turning, now to plan design and build.
Included was a small angle drive motor and stepper motor.

Same fellow had 2 more tools required a Fly cutter and boring bar these are used to form the cuts in Ornamental Turning. Just need a couple more made for smaller High speed steel cutters and a mounting bar to attach them too.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Platters That Matter

I have stolen/borrowed the tittle from a mates radio show on a Friday night Platters That Matter Warren Barnett  7pm till 10pm Classic Rock n Roll plus. You can listen live on line on the link.
Latest step in making this as Requested and 2nd update.

I had completed a couple of tasks which now gave me time and space to continue. I used Colejaws to first hold the 10"/250mm platter blank to form the first tenon and rough the surface (those photos are on the mobile have yet to down load). Then forming a second tenon as I am trying to obtain two platters out of the one blank.

The tenons size matters as does shape of the same as centre stands must fit, all will be revealed as the work progresses.

I used a 3 mill parting tool to the depth of approx 2"/50mm then a pull saw at low revs to complete the parting. I achieved a fine pair from the parting, not totally matced in thickness after turning a thickness of approx 8mm for one and about 6mm for the second platter.


 I sanded the first platter down to 400 and have used 2 coats of Organ Danish Oil to this stage sealing and stabilising during this lousey weather. Having rained for 3 weeks with only a few days or part days of sunshine for the last days of summer and first days of autumn.

I have to thank Greg Ward for his selection of the Rosewood the colour is fantastic.