Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stroll through the Park

It was announced on a facebook local page that council had marked nine beautiful Jacaranda trees on one side of a local street to be removed. Many residents are not impressed that no consultation was forth coming. At this stage a a stay of execution has taken place.

Sue and I took a stroll to view the footpath which was one excuse council gave for the removal little did we think i could catch the other excuse of garbage trucks could not negotiate the over head branches over hanging the road on video.

From there we strolled down through the park and storm water canal walk, Sue has been there often it was my first time.

 This is the worst of the storm water canal footpath.

 There is no way a self propelled wheelchair user can negotiate this incline path under the roadway no alternative path is available. The path stops just a short distance along the top if it went along to almost the end we could use the access off our street.


Above the footpath and one of the trees. However the footpath was badly laid originally following the lay of the land which slopes at approx 30deg to the road.

The garbage truck video below.

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