Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 2016

What a year its been for us as a family, as couple. Our new start in our new home its been seven months. No I am not going to review it if you wish you can read the old blog  and of course this one.

I didn’t purposely decide to do a monthly update but its happening that way, I must admit it makes life a little easier. I am sure if you are following you may think the same to. I will endeavour to do special posts of special projects should they arise.
Sue and I wish everyone a Happy New Year hope 2017 brings you all a life worth living.
Where to start?
For both of us its been heads down tails up!!
For me I dug deep I have been sore and aching for weeks suffering sinus also. I decided I had to complete the outdoor setting  no matter what. The table although the main frame and top boards had been cut, I had the end of the boards and rails to form T&G’s  (tongue & groves) to. That done a further dry fitting was required but I had to also make the bearer frames.  I had some long days.
p1100299  p1100297
Then when finally it was all together the legs were fitted it was rolled over so I could smooth and level first hand planing then sanding a first coat of oil. Then to route out for the two tiles these are 600mmx300mmx10mm. Depth of hole  9.5mm, these will take hot dishes and pans it also means we can use in safety a table Hibachi (little BBQ) etc.
I used the router table top inverted with two guide rails either side to give me a straight edge and a stop. I soon found that working from centre out was the best course of action. I also cut the depth in three stages to reach total depth.
Addition leg braces were also fitted to the corners of each leg on the ends. Three coats of oil and its now set up ready for use.
p1100368 p1100370 p1100380 p1100390 p1100391 p1100393 p1100411
Sue mean time had other matters to attend to beside giving me a hand from time to time.
The veg garden took off she now has Squash, Zuccini, more Tomato, Rockmelon, potato and sweet potato also.  Mulberry trees in the brown pot near back fence, Mango that’ll take 3 years or so, Locat is growing well, Lilli Pilli of six she lost one. Lemon has flowered and so has the Lime. Four huge storms hit the region of these we got only one really bad with 100k winds and small hail and 50mm of rain in an hour. Sue is thankful she isn’t using the push mower anymore although the cantankerous second hand Rover mower gets her dander up when it won’t start first time.
p1100359 p110038320161215_173014 20161213_185340 p1100387  p1100386
I often wonder how she does it house hold chores and all the things she does.
She made three beautiful book makes using the new found Lace Making she loves doing, these were to be sent to her old spinner friends Izzy, Dot and Peg along with their Christmas cards. Apparently al three were scared to mention they had been sent one as they didn’t want to hurt each others feelings, finally Peg announced she had got one and the other two chimed in.
20161201_163843   20161203_182702   p1090948
When did she have time to do weaving? Still its complete and she has begun setting up for another project.
img_2355   img_2350bw
p1100413 p1100415 p1100417 p1100418 p1100412
Some how Sue squeezed in making a retro style dress for herself.
Ok so WE did have a brake visited a market and a shed sale.
Sue topped the bill I reckon and so will Bianca (our grand daughter)when she sees the stash of beads. Picked up two clocks an 1950’s mantel Smiths chiming clock and a plastic digital one for outside as well.
p1100306  p1100307p1100304
I didn’t do to bad either a wood tool box possibly an ex-sign writers, some wood tools and some metal work tools.
p1100335 p1100336 p1100337
Sue bought me a Stanley No45 for Christmas needs some TLC nice set of cutters and original booklet in an original box. I bought her a Hobbs Blender we both love smoothies.
p1100376 p1100377 p1100378
Oh the clocks so we know when to go to bed
After three major storms past us by the forth sure let us know what can happen. Many trees down and limbs broken not ours thank goodness the whole region is still in clan up mode as it hit just days prior Christmas.

Hoping you all had a merry Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 2016


Another month gone by and soon it’ll be Christmas, warm weather has already arrived most days being about 30C this week to reach a top of 40C+. We’ve had little rain, plenty storms about but most have skirted around us at this stage.
The month has been great with all sorts going on. Progress on the out door setting (table) is slow but it progresses. Lets just saw I have s sore point and sitting is very uncomfortable.
We headed off to Helidon for an Celtic Festival on 7th Nov just a small event. Returned via Laidley, Grandchester, Rosewood.
November is Jacaranda time the scent and blooms fill the air and carpets of purple on the ground below.
img_2248 img_2255
The Bandmaster an uncanny resemblance to a very good mate Peter Whitehorn.
img_2271 img_2282
I can’t help it I love vehicles of all sorts just a few coaches from the day how far the bodies have changed from when I built them back in the 70’s.
img_2290 img_2295 img_2266
First video for the month

Helidon Celtic Festival

Laidley for lunch some interesting buildings and sights.
img_2301 img_2303 img_2305 img_2310
These two churches above stand out in stark contrast.
Below the War Memorial Park area
img_2313 img_2325c img_2326 img_2330
Then came the Supermoon I should have used a tripod.
Planting vegies under the New Moon has produced some fine crops of clumped tomato, lettuce we thought had perished thrived, Chilli plant has doubled in size, Sweet Potato Zucchini, Cucumber, Rock Melon, Lemon beginning to flower. Mango, Pineapple and Locate thriving it will be  at least 3 to 5 years before we get fruit from those and the six Lilli Pilli.
I’ll add more photos must be on the other camera and not downloaded yet.
p1100214 p1100064 p1100065 These Chilli were struggling in the pot Sue planted them where they sat but transferred them to the new bed and they doubled in size.
p1100259 p1100261 p1100264
p1100266 p1100267 p1100268 p1100269 p1100270 Looking up the fence line where the Lilli Pilli are planted most not even 8″ tall yet.
Below my Fig and Bonsai loving the new environment.
p1100277 p1100279 p1100285
I am not sure if Max’s contribution to the Mango tree will improve the taste any I know it works for Lemons.
p1100271 p1100275
The floor loom has been set up and the weave has begun.
img_2335 img_2337 img_2340 img_2350 img_2359
Two Advent Calendar for the Grand Children
Sue’s little market scores the three century old African stone drop spindles a special find.
A visit from Alan from Sydney with gifts from Neil yet again while Alan picked up some Stained Glass panels I had purchased for him.
In the package from Neil more bearing slider rails steel bars pulleys an assortment of bits. One of Neil’s home made live centre spur drives .
p1100164 p1100168 p1100169 p1100170 p1100173 A selection of Blackwood and Red Gum off cuts.
My market finds this month a Stanley No78 Duplex Plane in the box, a Stanley Spoke Shave, Moore & Write Protractor and a V-block clamp.
img_2113 img_2216

A highlight this month was to take a trip over to Runaway Bay and meet up with Chris and Gilli Dicker and see West Wind I their vessel. Chris is one of Peggy Dicker’s sons Peggy being one of the Fairfield Spinners who recently past away.
Chris and Gilli were heading south from Cairns to Tasmania for the Bat Festival in February. Chris has re-built West Wind I an amazing story on its own.

Chris had brought me some Huon Pine and nice Black Log.


A shopping trip to Hare & Forbes Coopers Plains a big difference in store to Sydney. Only bought a few essentials new dusty hose and angle vice. Some excellent displays.

Yesterday 29th Nov after the house had been sprayed for bugs etc we took a drive and did part of the Bremer River walk.
20161129_103837 20161129_103843 20161129_111627 20161129_111633 20161129_111755 img_2362 img_2363 img_2365 img_2368 img_2372 img_2375 img_2376 img_2379 img_2382 img_2386 img_2395 img_2398 img_2400 img_2404 img_2412 img_2413 img_2414 img_2417 img_2423 img_2424 img_2425 img_2426 img_2427 img_2428